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Medical Services

Our extensive range of medical and healthcare services

Choosing from the many options available for improving overall health and well-being demands professional expertise, and Medical & Social Care Services are established specialists in the field. Our well-trained experts can be trusted to take good care of you and your wellness.


Medical Management Services


These services involve:

  • Assessing the conditions of the individual
  • Making all the necessary referrals and follow ups with the various agencies that would be involved in the management of the conditions.  
  • Facilitate any recommended treatment and management strategy and liaise with other centres involved in the care of the individual. 
  • Liaise with Therapists at various centres in the management of the problems identified.


Social Care Services


These services involve:

  • Assessing the social care for the individual
  • Facilitating all social care needs, and make referrals
  • Providing resources for arranging all social care services required for the individual
  • Recruiting the right workers to take active part in the care, and improving the social interactions and development of the individual.


Health and Wellbeing Services


These services involve:

  • Smoking Cessation Sessions
  • Obesity and Overweight Prevention Sessions
  • Drug and Substance Abuse Services
  • Alcohol Abuse Prevention Services
  • Infections Prevention Sessions and Hygiene Techniques
  • Diabetes Control Awareness Sessions
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring and Hypertension Prevention Sessions
  • Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia Awareness Sessions
  • Dealing with Autism in the Community
  • Dealing long term/Chronic Diseases in the Community
  • How to deal with children with complex and challenging behaviours and special needs
  • Life Saving Skills Techniques Sessions
  • Medical Emergencies Skills Sessions
  • Counselling Services
  • Dealing with Co-morbidity Sessions

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