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The IAES publishes Journals and Books in promoting research and education internationally.  These include books in all subject areas, including law, informatics, humanities, languages, medical and healthcare issues, and many more. 


As the IAES has been sponsoring various Worldwide in the fields of health and education, its Trustees approved in 2010 to increase the capacities of its existing Health and Education Magazines and periodicals into bigger publications and journals in order to report the results of these projects and also the works of the collaborating projects in the subject areas globally, which will also be beneficial to the public. 


Since 2010, the Journals have been expanding, and have published many projects in medicine, healthcare and education internationally.  The websites of the publications are being updated and will be available soon. 


The main Medical Publication of the IAES is the International Journal of Public Health Medicine (IJPHM).  More details about the Journal can be obtained from   



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