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The International Academy of Educational Services (IAES) is a not for profit organisation which was established in the 1950's in America and Europe as an international organisational partnerships and memberships for institutions and individuals for the Humanities, Education, Medicine and Social Sciences.


The IAES has membership officers from over 20 countries worldwide, and works for memberships and partnerships between international organisations, and individuals. Its operations and activities are undertaken in various countries, where committee members and partners are based, which include, Italy, Malta, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, USA and others.


The operations of the activities of the IAES worldwide since 1952 are governed by its By Laws Articles of operations and IAES Policies. It is established to sponsor research in Education, Social Sciences and Health-Care, with the overall aim of promoting excellence in research and education worldwide. Since its establishment in the 1950s, the membership of IAES has been growing, and during the IAES Committee meeting in August 1974, it was agreed that IAES’s operations would be expanded into the UK from late 1990s into the 21st Century.


During the meeting of the IAES Committee in 1987 and 1997, it was agreed that IAES would be a company registered by guarantee in the UK by 2007 in order to provide more support for sponsorships of projects in healthcare and education in the UK. In addition to its well established international partnerships and memberships since 1952 in America and Europe, its registration was also ratified by the UK Secretary of state in November 2007, with company registration number in England and Wales as 6427549,  firstly under the name of International Academy of Education Services Limited.


The IAES Committee continues to approve the expansion of IAES activities into developing countries and some parts of Eastern European countries in order to continue the promotion of excellence in research and education.




  • Represent the interests of scholarship nationally and internationally
  • Give recognition to excellence
  • Promote and support advanced research and education
  • Further international collaboration and exchange
  • Promote public understanding of research and scholarship
  • Publish the results of research and educational activities that it supports




The mission of IAES is to foster and promote research and education in all areas. It supports medical and healthcare research and applied clinical research. It encourages the exploitation of research findings for educational benefits.


Reflecting the profound impact today’s research will have on society, the IAES also seeks to raise awareness of the legal, ethical and social implications of research and promote dialogue between scientists, the public and policy makers





  • Promote excellence in education
  • Promote high quality in research and innovations
  • Provide financial support for educational research and innovative projects
  • Provide funds for career development and educational activities



The IAES has a very long history stretching back from the late 1940s.  Details of the history of the IAES can be obatined from our Legal Services at




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